What Are the Qualities of a Good Property Manager?

Let investors trying to capitalize on the growing number of professionals looking to make London home are on the right track. There are two avenues to choose from regarding rental properties: it can become a full-blown property development business or a source of passive income. Either way, the next logical step after finally finding and buying the best possible building or home is to have excellent property management.

Taking on a property management company is the best way to go. They can collect the payments from tenants, find and screen tenants and make sure that the property is well-maintained. They can also keep it up to code and ensure standards as well as regulations are met at all times.

What Is a Property Manager?

A property manager's main goal is to be the third party or bridge between the landlords and the tenants. Both the landlord and the tenant will call the property manager first before reaching out to each other. Property management responsibilities can include the following:

  • Organising maintenance in the building
  • Organising repairs in the building
  • Pre-tenancy requirements

Any and all tenant-related issues will be dealt with by the property manager on behalf of the landlord. Here are the qualities you should be looking for when hiring one. 

Should Have Extensive Experience 

Some jobs have all the room in the world for entry-level, newbie movement. When it comes to property management, it's best to go with someone that has reliable experience in the field. Ask the following questions:

1. How many properties has the potential manager handled before?
2. How many properties is the potential manager handling at the moment?
3. What kind of properties do they have management experience in?
4. What kind of knowledge does the potential manager carry regarding local laws and regulations applicable to your property?

Should Have Good Communication Skills

Communication in this sense applies to both spoken communication and, for memos or notices and/or official e-mails, written communication. They have to be able to explain any situation clearly to both landlord and tenant. This will come in particularly handy during incidents that involve disputes.

Should Have Good Customer Service Skills 

Anyone that says property management isn't stressful probably went through an experience as unique as a unicorn. That said, it's not all stress all the time either. A good property manager will try to strike a good balance of good customer service skills with lots of patients. Possible issues can range anywhere from investors whose expectations aren't realistic, tenants who are quite unruly and even contractors that are behind schedule.

An ideal property manager is someone with excellent communication skills even in the face of intense pressure.


Property management is the next step to take after buying a facility that's meant as a rental. A good property manager will act as a bridge and liaison between landlords and tenants year-round. The qualities of a good property manager include excellent customer service skills, years of experience and good communication skills.

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