5 Reasons Tenants Prefer Letting Agents over Direct Deals

Most tenants prefer to make deals with the letting agent rather than directly interacting with the landlord for several reasons. If we put ourselves in their shoes, we understand that the reason why tenants choose to do so is due to letting agents have specific qualities that give them leverage.

Here are some of the reasons why tenants prefer to interact with letting agents rather than deal directly with landlords themselves.

1. Trustworthiness

Working with anyone will require you to trust them fully. Especially when it comes to dealing with property, you want to know you are working with someone that you can trust to handle your affairs.

As a tenant, you need to trust that your letting agent will make the best decisions for you that could lead to more profit.

2. Having Complete Protection and Safety

Having a trustworthy letting agent ensures that you are financially protected from any losses. This may just be one form of protection that your letting agent can offer, but it is one of the biggest reasons.

Tenants want to know whether the place they choose to live is ideal, and in turn, want to know whether their landlord will be accommodating. Having a letting agent means they won’t be taken advantage of, and they will gain from the best financial outcome.

Not only that but having a letting agent will ensure that the property is completely safe for their family to reside in. While a vast majority of landlords will play by the book, there are still a terrifying few that will mark their property as habitable when it isn’t.

Granted, this happens very rarely, but the mere possibility will make tenants afraid to make deals directly by themselves.

3. Quiet Enjoyment

“Quiet Enjoyment” is actually more than a feeling of peace, it is a term used in property law that a landlord should be obligated to uphold. However, some landlords will commonly overlook this because they won’t be familiar with property law.

This term basically means that a landlord shouldn’t interfere with their tenant’s right to enjoy the property. The tenant should be able to live peacefully in the property without the landlord’s constant intervention.

While landlords do have the “right to inspect” any property, it should be done at an agreed-upon time and communicated beforehand through a notice. The notice must be delivered at least within 24 hours.

4. Property Law Knowledge

While tenants are knowledgeable enough about their rights to deal directly with landlords, there is much about property law they aren’t familiar with. Having a letting agent act as a conduit between them and the landlord will ensure they get the best possible deals with the right standards.

A letting agent will make sure everything in the property is legally sound before talking to potential tenants about closing. This will keep a tenant’s worries at bay, as someone with expert knowledge can take care of everything for them.


Hiring a letting agent to bridge the gap between you and your landlord will make the renting process much easier. Not only will you have more peace of mind, but everything will be taken care of for you.

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