Letting Agents: What Are They And What Makes A Good One

Letting agents, those who help close deals between landlords and tenants, are one of the least appreciated occupations given the help that they are able to provide. The reason for this may vary, but the problem is the number of ineffective agents parading themselves as professionals.

So what makes a good letting agent? It’s not just one characteristic, rather, a combination of multiple things working together that helps the agent be more effective in their dealings with both the landlord and the tenant.


A letting agent needs to be accredited. The thing is, there is no singular accrediting agency, rather a whole bevy of them, which makes things a little complicated for anyone who may ask their agent about this.

It pays to know what the right accreditations are. What will help is putting some time into studying which accreditations actually count so that you could tell if someone is trying to pull one over on you. Keep in mind though that even with the right accreditation, a letting agent may still be ineffective. That may be down to individual attitudes, something none of us can help.

Competent Staff

While individuals can be effective on their own, nothing beats working with a team composed of competent individuals. A team after all can make or break a good letting agent, supporting their work ethic or dragging them down with them.

Pay attention to the staff of letting agents you meet with. This will be one of the biggest factors, allowing you to see if any of your time will be wasted or whether you stand to gain working with their team.

Work Behaviour and Attitude

The significance of work ethic should be easy to understand. It pays to study how a letting agent and their teamwork together as well as their efficiency when it comes to addressing clients’ needs and wants.

What can help is studying how a letting agency adapted to the COVID-19 lockdowns. Were they able to adapt or did they simply hibernate? While companies can’t be blamed for minimizing their risks, it would be better to find a team that was able to adjust their operations accordingly.

A good letting agent should be able to communicate effectively as well, able to brief both the tenant and the landlord frequently. Communication, after all, is something that this profession needs to be able to do correctly.

Another aspect of this would be the letting agent’s accountability. Will they take responsibility for any errors or will they simply make excuses? This might seem like a small matter now, but it is one that will have long-standing effects.

Adoption of Digital Communications

Given that it is now 2022, any competent business should have been able to adopt more than just a few technological advantages in their operations. The reason this is important is because of the mere fact that technology does offer advantages, more often than not working out in your favour.

Automation, efficient records, and quick and easy communications are just some of these advantages. Make sure that the letting agent you end up working with knows how to use these effectively.


At the end of the day, much of the early work will depend on your early research. As long as you enter meetings aware of all the factors that make a good and effective letting agent, you can at least be confident that you can discuss all the important details without being fooled by an amateur.

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