What Every First-Time Tenant Should Check In a Rental Flat

Being able to get your very own flat can be so rewarding, as it can be a personal indicator of your independence. However, as fun as it may be to daydream how you’re going to decorate your own place and all the things you can do without supervision, there’s a lot to think about. And one of the first things you’ll have to decide is the rental property you’re staying at.

First-time tenants may find it challenging to find a property that they can let, especially without that prior knowledge or experience about what exactly they should be looking for. However, you shouldn’t go along and settle for something lacking just because it’s your first time. Here’s a checklist that summarises every point that you should assess when hunting for your ideal home:

The Price

Always ask yourself if the price seems right. As a first-time tenant, know that it’s important to get a good deal for the rental property and the terms you’re going to sign. Overpaying can be rather taxing, so make an informed decision and check how much your fees are. Check the tenancy deposit and inclusions in the rental payments.

Remember that the Tenant Fees Act of 2019 states that there should be any additional fees such as credit checks, inventories and the like. If a landlord is asking for anything that violates those laws and you agree, you’re probably going to end up paying for more than what you get.

The Condition

Alongside affordability, every tenant should want a rental flat that’s in good condition. It can feel rather inconvenient to live in a place where the floor and ceiling are creaking at every small movement you make, or the sinks and showers take ages for the water to go through.

Attending a property viewing would be a good call. You get to examine the entire place in person so that you know exactly what you’re staying in. Be sure to run a few checks, like turning on the different amenities or flushing the toilet to avoid any surprises.

The Features

The features of a rental property will allow you to narrow down the pool of options that you can choose from. After all, we all have some inclusions that will make us gravitate towards a property more. Some people may want free internet, an indoor gym and more.

Don’t be afraid to ask what a landlord might offer you, as they’re sure to volunteer that information when you ask. Certain appliances like a refrigerator or stove are introductory offers, alongside carpets and curtains for the living space.

The Location

Lastly, check whether the area is well-suited for you and your needs. Most people don’t spend all their time in their home, as they have places to go to for work and leisure. Are you near the areas that you need or want to be in?

Plus, there’s the question of transportation and safety. If you don’t have your own personal car, look for any links and see how long the commute would take. It’s imperative that you feel secure travelling in and out of the home no matter what time of day it is too.


It may seem impossible to find a good flat at first, but you’d be surprised if you just looked at all the right places and got in touch with qualified people. With a bit of patience and a background check, you’re sure to find the perfect rental flat to let.

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